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I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and a little bit of work on Ole Peters’ concept of “Time averaging”. This was flagged up in Mark Buchanan’s excellent blog ( The non technical papers (e.g. and TEDx video ( are … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Science & Space:
The Royal Observatory has culled through over 800 entries from astronomers and astro-photographers around the world to release its compilation of the best astronomy photos of the year. The contest is run by Royal…

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Limits to growth – 2002 predictions and evidence since

I am reading the 2002 update to Limits to Growth (, a book originally published in 1972. The book describes models run to simulate how the planet, ecosystem and economy will react to the collision between exponential growth and finite … Continue reading

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Rio disappointment

Yet another climate conference has come and gone with essentially no material progress towards tackling one of the most important challenges humanity has ever faced. Is that hyperbole?  I don’t think so. The rate at which humans are altering the … Continue reading

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This is a list of books or sources that I’ve enjoyed and that have helped shape my view of the world.  It’s my intention to write a summary or review of each of them, explaining why I find them so … Continue reading

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What and why?

The aim of this blog is to explore thoughts and promote discussion of what I think is the most important issue we face as a society: the effect we are having on our environment and its habitability by future generations. … Continue reading

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